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Our Brand: How to Convey It.


Events Calendar

About the Events Calendar

The Events Calendar provides users with a single point to look up events at the University of Minnesota. Users can search for events by location, sponsor, audience, or date.

Units can post events, pull event feeds into their own websites, and tag events for possible spotlighting on the calendar’s home page or on the University’s home page. Tagged events are forwarded to University Relations, which selects events to spotlight.

Example of the Events Calendar

Events Calendar example.

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Getting started

The Events Calendar is a central listing of University events and is supported at a high level for both business and technical questions. To get started, check to see if your unit is already using the Events Calendar by checking the list of key contacts. If your unit is listed, contact the primary or secondary contact person to find out how you can get access to the Events Calendar.

If your unit is not using the Events Calendar, read the get acquainted with and set up an Events Calendar account to see where to start.

Get acquainted with and set up an Events Calendar account

Explore the Events Calendar—Look at the Events Calendar to get a feel for the layout of the system and how other units use the system to post their events.

Understand how the Events Calendar is supported—The Events Calendar is supported by University Relations and the Office of Information Technology. University Relations provides direct user support, but only to groups the at the unit level. The key contacts for each unit then provide most support for other users of the system.

  • Setup a kickoff meeting with University Relations (optional)
    Understanding the ins and outs of using the Events Calendar is always a good idea. Although University Relations does not train units in the use of the Events Calendar, one or two initial informational meetings can be helpful for a good start.
  • Complete unit and user agreements
    Complete the unit and contact agreement forms

    Fax completed forms to (612) 624-6369 or scan and send by email to
  • Sketch out your unit’s resources and roles
    Identify the resources you have available in your unit and what roles people will take. Who will identify users who should have access? Who will add them to the system? Who will be the contact for selection of event spotlights? All these roles need to be filled.
  • Learn the Events Calendar
    A variety of documentation is available.
  • Start using the Events Calendar to post your events

Key contacts

Every unit using the Events Calendar must have a primary and secondary contact defined. These contacts provide business and technical support to others within their unit. In turn, University Relations provides support to these contacts.

See the list of Events Calendar contacts.

Access control

Every unit using the Events Calendar must have a unit agreement (PDF) on file, as well as a user agreement (PDF) for each primary and secondary contact. Events Calendar support will create user accounts for the primary and secondary contacts and grant access to those contacts. The primary and secondary contacts may then grant access to other event contributors in their unit.

Events Calendar support does not maintain access lists for other users and will not grant any access to non-key contacts. If a primary or secondary contact leaves, an updated unit agreement should be submitted, as well as a user agreement for the replacement contact.

Note: when granting access to another user, use their official, central University Internet ID, i.e. user1234.

What is a "unit?"

For purposes of the Events Calendar, "unit" is defined as any organizational unit whose head has one of the following titles:

  • Chancellor
  • Dean
  • President
  • Provost
  • Senior Vice President
  • University Librarian
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Vice President
  • Vice Provost



The University provides documentation for the Events Calendar. The documentation has been split into an Event Contributor User Guide (PDF) for users who will be adding events and an Events Calendar Unit Administrator Guide (PDF) for the key contacts for each unit.

Getting help

If you are not a primary or secondary contact, please check with your unit’s contact before contacting central support. Note that we are not able to handle certain requests, such as user accounts, for anyone other than the primary or secondary contacts.

Other Questions?
Send an email to Be certain to provide complete information about any problems you are encountering. Before we are able to help, we may need to know:

  • Unit
  • Your Internet ID
  • A description of the issue or question

explore the events calendar

Look at the Events Calendar to get a feel for the layout of the system and how other units use the system to post their events.