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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


Download Directory

Downloads come with instructions for their use. Be sure to consult the Requirements and Guidelines section of this site for reference.


Chose from 3 different audio files. Go to the download.

Block M

Choose from three variations of the Block M. Go to the download.

Email templates

See mass email templates.


Browsers that support favicon typically display it in the address bar and next to the page's name in a list of bookmarks. All U of M sites should use the block M. Go to the download.

Goldy Gopher

Includes Goldy leaning on a solid, outlined, or double outlined block M, as well as running Goldy. Go to the download.

InDesign templates

Templates to create brochures, posters, and flyers using InDesign. Go to the download.

Mass email templates

Templates to create University branded HTML email. Go to the download.

PowerPoint templates

See Presentation templates.

Presentation templates

Download includes a document with U of M logos that can be used in PowerPoint. Go to the download.

Recycle symbol

Include the recycled symbol and a recycling information statement indicating the appropriate postconsumer waste content of your paper on all publications. Go to the download.


Templates for signs are not available through University Relations. Please see Signage in Requirements and Guidelines for more information.

Social networking icons

Use these on your website to link to your social networking sites. Go to the download.

Social networking profile images

Approved profile images for Facebook feature the University’s block M. Go to the download.

Unit-specific headers

Photoshop files to label your unit are available for both home and secondary pages and include three widths that will work with the template's grid system. Go to the download.


Choose from an animated opening, a close graphic, name key, block M watermark, greenscreen backgrounds, and more. Go to the download.

Web templates: 960-pixel width full page

Includes XHTML docs of three home page variations with the header and footer, and three matching secondary page variations with all the associated graphics, style sheets, and javascript. Go to the download.

Web templates: responsive and 960-pixel width header and footer

Includes XHTML of the 960 header and footer and the responsive header and footer. Separate downloads for each campus. These are not full-page templates. Go to the download.

Web templates: 760 header and footer

Includes HTML of the 760 header and footer only. These are not full-page templates. Go to the download.

Word templates

Word files with customizable headers, brochure and poster templates, and a Word document containing a set of University logos made just for Word. Go to the download.


The download has all variations of the wordmark including reversed, left aligned, and centered. Go to the download.

Wordmark and block M combinations

Options in the download include a small or large block M on top of the wordmark, a small or large block M on a stacked wordmark, and a small block M and wordmark on one line. Go to the download.

Wordmark and unit combination

Download this Illustrator template to create your unit's combination with the wordmark. Go to the download.