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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


‘U of M Overview’ PowerPoint


This visually rich presentation coupled with a succinct narrative tells the story of the University of Minnesota—who we are, what we do, and where we're headed—for external audiences. This presentation can be used as is or customized by campuses, administrative units, colleges, and departments.

It conveys how the U is a vibrant community, Driven to Discover solutions to the world's most challenging problems while training the next generation of leaders for Minnesota, the nation, and the world.

Overview PowerPoint

The creative team worked with Todd Reubold, communications chief for the Institute on the Environment, who has become an expert on delivering effective presentations. Below are some of the dos and don’ts for engaging audiences with the speaker and delivering information that people are likely to remember:

  • Slides are not a teleprompter: Avoid reading your slides to the audience.
  • Keep it short: The formal presentation should be under 10 minutes; studies show that attention wanes for anything longer.
  • ‘Wow, now I understand’: The most effective slides reinforce or highlight the presenter’s message.
  • Be inspiring: The presenter and the slides should be provocative enough to capture people’s full attention.

Watch Todd Reubold’s video “Top Tips for Superstar Presentations.”

Download the customizable “U of M Overview” PowerPoint with Notes (HD format). NOTE: This presentation uses the Neutraface font. If you do not have this typeface, please contact Laura Johnson at

How to use this presentation

While this PowerPoint is meant to be a stand-alone product, it is also designed so that colleges, schools, and units can easily customize the presentation for their specific audiences.

This can be done by subtracting individual slides or even entire sections or “chapters” that aren’t as germane for a particular audience, and/or adding sections or chapters specific to the presenter’s needs.

For instance, a collegiate unit may decide to remove the section on Dedication (stewardship of public dollars) or Globalization and replace it with a section highlighting achievements in their college or by their faculty or alumni.

For the adapted presentations to be most effective, the editing should appear seamless. Text and image treatment should be similar, and new slides should embody—when possible—the guidelines for effective presentations listed above. We realize this won’t always be easy to accomplish, but feel it’s worth the effort.

To help users tailor their presentations and keep them up to date, UR will:

  • provide the appropriate fonts to the creator of the custom version,
  • update system-wide data and slides at least yearly to retain accuracy, and
  • consult on use, if necessary.


  • Each unit will be responsible for crafting their custom messages and facts.
  • This is a presentation that requires preparation on behalf of the presenter.

If you have any questions about using this PowerPoint, please contact Laura Johnson at

Related Assets

Facts and Figures Handout

Facts and Figures is a print companion piece to the U of M presentation. It succinctly summarizes important U of M facts and figures in a convenient, easy to print, leave-behind.

Unlike the PowerPoint, the handout is not customizable. As in the case of the PPT, this will also be updated annually by University Relations.

Submit print order for the Facts and Figures Handout

Send an email to Anne Moreno at Printing Services and reference the "Facts and Figures Handout" in the subject line. In your email request, please include the following:

  • EFS
  • Quantity
  • Delivery location
  • Due date
  • Contact
  • Unit-specific URL (optional)

You may also download the PDF by clicking the button below.

Download Facts and Figures PDF.

Audio Slide Show of Presentation

You may also use a recorded version of the 'U of M Overview' presentation that includes an audio narrative from President Kaler.