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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.



A number of assets (.mov, .mp3, graphics) are available for you to use in branding your audio and video publications. Go to the assets.

Use the audio and video checklist to make sure you have satisfied University requirements. Go to the checklist.

Guidelines for using audio and video assets, requirements for audio, video, and presentations. Read more.

Media Mill provides users with the ability to archive and share video projects, without any quality loss, and without a limit on how much content they can add. Media Mill should be used for any embedded audio or video on University sites.

An assortment of PowerPoint templates for use with presentations. Read more.

Requirements and guidelines for social networking. Read more.

B-roll from Driven to Discover. Go to downloads.

Download directory

Links to the many downloads provided for use with Web, email, print, audio, video, and presentation software.

Go to the directory.