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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


3D Because Model

The 3D Because model can be used at events or when there is an opportunity for original photography. Use only the approved models available through University Relations (see below). Do not attempt to recreate the Because model on your own. It is important to create the proper tone and setting of the campaign in original photography.

  • The Because model should be the prominent element in the shot.
  • The Because model should sit in a natural spot that supports the story of the photo.
  • Do not cover up any of the Because model.
  • Shoot at a downward or direct angle to capture the front-facing depth of the Because model. Be sure all seven letters are visible. Line up the letters so that they are square with the camera. (See examples in margin.)
  • Pay close attention to the spacing between the letters. Use the guide provided with the model. (See set-up photo in margin.)
  • In layout, place the Because statement as close to the 3D model as possible so that it reads as a complete sentence.
  • To reserve the Because fill out this form and send it to University Relations.

Example of environmental photo.

Above: example of the Because model photographed in environment.