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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


2014/2015 Mass Marketing Campaign – Made in Minnesota


This year's theme, "Made in Minnesota," is tied directly to the University's strategic plan to be preeminent in meeting the world's grand challenges. The campaign includes ads for TV, print, digital, light rail, and radio. View the campaign >

Campaign Graphic

The Made in Minnesota graphic is the main visual signifier of the campaign. The graphic incorporates the University’s trademarked Block M in the center, signifying the connection to the University. The Made in Minnesota graphic, and is applied to all campaign elements, and University units are encourages to use it on their communications and elements. NOTE: This graphic is applicable only to the campaign, and is not meant to replace any official University trademarks.

Look & Feel

The campaign employs bold images and graphics with a global feel.

A grid layout is used to give designed pieces an infographic look. Allowing the campaign to present information in an engaging way to draw the reader in.

Throughout the campaign headlines are created with Neutraface Text Bold, and Hoefler Text Roman is used for body copy. Copy tone is light while still informative, smart while still feeling inclusive, optimistic and hardworking.

Statistics and illustrations are added to the layout when appropriate to help provide context for the grand challenge and add insight to what the U of M is doing.

If you are interested in using the campaign look and feel in upcoming communications, please contact University Relations at to discuss.

What about Driven to Discover?

Driven to Discover is the University's official brand. It captures our search for knowledge and our drive to share that search with the larger community. Made in Minnesota is this year's creative treatment meant to bring the Driven to Discover brand to life. It does not replace Driven to Discover – it is a part of Driven to Discover.

Official Campaign Fonts

Due to licensing restrictions, the fonts cannot be centrally purchased; unit must purchase them individually.

Other options for Neutraface are also available.