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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


Driven to Discover Student Campaign

Similar to last year’s Because campaign, the Driven to Discover Student Campaign (Discover Student) is meant to further communicate the University of Minnesota’s “Driven to Discover” brand message.

The guidelines and requirements on these pages and the Discover Student graphics and template downloads will help you use all campaign elements correctly. If you have questions, please contact University Relations.


The essence of Discover Student is that the search for knowledge is a cumulative, never-ending process fueled by the ambitious student minds at the University of Minnesota. The campaign focuses on the value and distinctiveness of the student experience at the University. The messages showcase how students’ passion can become their profession as they expand their knowledge and hone their skills on their journey of discovery.

Discover Student is an effective tool for communicators to create unique, customized messages that connect to the core messages of the University's mission of teaching, research, and outreach. It is a vehicle for University units to leverage the established strength of the University’s reputation and brand.

What about Driven to Discover?

Driven to Discover is the University’s official brand. It captures our search for knowledge and our drive to share that search with the larger community. Discover Student is meant to further communicate the University of Minnesota's "Driven to Discover" brand message. It does not replace Driven to Discover.

How does the previous Because campaign fit in?

University units that are using the Because campaign in their communications may continue to do so. They do not need to switch. Units can continue to use Because and later pick up Discover Student if they want to.

To consistently implement the Driven to Discover Student Campaign and convey its true spirit, please follow these guidelines.

Typography and Color Guidelines

Discover Student typography

The preferred font of the campaign is Neutraface Bold. Use Helvetica as an alternative.

Discover Student color palette

In addition to the University’s official maroon and gold, the campaign features several other colors. Download the Discover Student palette.

Web Graphics

In order to eliminate redundancy, graphics placed on the web should not include the block M or “Driven to” text as is featured on the print graphics. All asset downloads for the web (RGB) are approved for use.

See campaign examples and template downloads.

Official Campaign Fonts

Due to licensing restrictions, the fonts cannot be centrally purchased; unit must purchase them individually.

Other options for Neutraface are also available.

download directory

All downloads available on the Our Brand site, all in one convenient location.

Go to downloads.