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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


Requirements & Guidelines

Official University business

The requirements outlined on this site are for units conducting official University business, meaning the majority of the unit's project or activities are funded by the U of M, staff or students are employees of the U of M, and activities take place in U of M buildings using U of M resources.

Details about these requirements and guidelines can be found in the Brand Policy: Trademarks, Logos, Colors, and Seal. For information related to writing and editing, see the Style Guide.


audio, video & presentations


Audio and video asset overview

Audio and video requirements

Multimedia & presentation requirements

campaign Guidelines

Discovery is Illumination campaign

color and type



Secondary colors


google apps

University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff can access a suite of Google-powered communication and collaboration tools. The suite includes email, calendar, document sharing, instant messaging, and Web site publishing tools.

More information about Google Apps is available at:

Branded templates for Google sites, docs, presentations, spreadsheets, and Blogger are also available for use by University faculty and staff. See the Google Apps Templates and Guidelines site for more information.

Google spreadsheets and Blogger templates require separate downloads available on the Our Brand site.

See the spreadsheet and Blogger downloads.



Block M

Goldy Gopher

Recycle symbol

Regents seal


mass email


About mass email

Before sending mass email

Email and advertising

Required email elements

use templates

Templates help units comply with all the requirements and guidelines outlined in this section.