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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


MnDRIVE Guidelines

Clearly identifying content as MnDRIVE highlights the University of Minnesota's partnerships with business and industry and the State of Minnesota to advance goals outlined in the legislation passed in 2013, including advancing research and the state's economy, as well as improving the lives of Minnesotans.

The MnDRIVE style guide includes graphic elements and standards, as well as talking points on page one to ensure MnDRIVE content is branded consistently. Please use these graphic elements on all materials used to communicate about any MnDRIVE-related project or initiative.

Always use MnDRIVE branding along with the university trademarks, as permitted by the Branding Policy and in accordance with requirements on the Our Brand Logos page.

Download MnDRIVE Guidelines

Download a PDF of the MnDRIVE Brand Guidelines.

Download the MnDRIVE guidelines.

To download MnDRIVE graphics, see the MnDRIVE logos page.