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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.


Header and Footer Timeline

As announced in The Upgrade Newsletter, the PeopleSoft upgrade - including the launch of MyU - will begin on April 10.

The release of the U's new web headers and footers has been revised in order to launch near the anticipated launch date for MyU. See the designs.

March 30: HTML header and footer options for all campuses will be available for download on Our Brand and on GitHub (responsive only). The downloads include 960 fixed width and responsive code along with instructions and guidelines.

April 6: TC campus header and footer options with instructions will be available in Drupal. Timing for headers and footers in Drupal for system campuses will be based on each campus' needs.

April 24: As resources permit, websites should go live with new headers and footers.

December 2015: Deadline for all sites to make the transition to the new headers and footers.

Web Header and Footer Status

In 2014, University Relations began updating the U’s web headers and footers to accommodate link changes that will need to be made when the new MyU is live. This gave us the opportunity to freshen the look and reexamine the links and other content in headers and footers systemwide.

To help inform the updates, we solicited input from communications and web professionals on all campuses and incorporated the work we'd done with Brain Traffic on content strategy. The process and timing for this project follows. Updates will be posted here as we continue through the process.

Questions should be directed to


Summer 2013 to October 2013

A paper prototype usability session was conducted this summer in Coffman Union on the Twin Cities campus. During this session, participants were asked to take “links” made of post-it notes with link names such as “Maps and Directions,” “Email,” “myU (portal),” and so on and place them on a page that had a blank header and footer.

These usability results were combined with header and footer link statistics and comparisons with other multi-campus institutions to help us determine good starting choices for the header and footer survey.

November-December 2013

By completing a survey, each campus began to determine the header and footer information and links that will be the most useful for their campus. The header and footer content that is ultimately agreed upon for each campus must be consistently used throughout that campus.

January 2014

System campuses and some TC campus units were asked to provide any analytics they might have for their header and footer.

February through July 2014

Continued header and footer research and conversations.

August 2014

Updated header and footer content was posted for review and comments were gathered using a survey.

September 2014

Input from the August review period was be compiled and evaluated. Final content decisions were posted along with the proposed designs in October.

October/November 2014

Header and footer design with final content was posted. A one-week review period for the design followed. Comments were evaluated and adjustments made.

November/December 2014

Design feedback ended. See nearly final design (the footer design has been revised to include a "Twin Cities Campus" heading to help clarify that the footer links are not associated with any particular unit). Coding for HTML, Drupal, Google Sites, and Blogger began.

January 2015

Coding continued.

February 2015

A new launch date for MyU was announced. Coding continues and a presentation about the new header and footer is scheduled for the Web People meeting on Febraury 20.

March 2015

Code for the headers and footers will be available for download on Our Brand and GitHub (responsive only) at the end of the month.

April 2015

The header and footer will be made available in Drupal. MyU launches on or around April 24; University websites should plan to implement new headers and footers no sooner than the 24th and no later than the end of 2015.

Current approved header and footer content by campus



Crookston header and footer example.

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Duluth header and footer example.

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Morris header and footer example.

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Rochester header and footer example.

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Twin Cities

Twin Cities header and footer example.

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Drupal and Branding

Units moving to Drupal will be able to use a base theme with the appropriate campus header and footer already set up.

When the updated headers and footers are available, Drupal site owners will receive a message alerting them to the new header and footer with instructions for implementation.

Getting the New Header and Footer

Header and footer updates will be available for download for static HTML sites, Google Sites and Blogger. If you need assistance branding other types of websites, please let us know.